4 Modalities of Biological Information

P4 Medicine is based on dense, dynamic personal data clouds built by continually monitoring multiple dimensions of health. At the P4Mi Clinic, we focus on four very different but equally important types of biological information.


Imaging technologies enable P4Mi physicians to perform 21st century physical examinations. Performing Point-of-Care-Ultrasounds using our Philips Affiniti Ultrasound machine allows us to review and analyze images of critical organs, revealing unparalleled insights into patient liver health, vascular inflammation, and carotid intima-media thickness. Now instead of puzzling over cryptic radiologic reports, patients can see these images as they are generated and talk to their physician about what they reveal. 

Using P4Mi’s research-grade InBody 770 bioelectrical impedance (BIA) analyzer, P4Mi physicians also measure body fat percentage, total lean mass, segmental lean mass and fat mass, total body water content, skeletal muscle index, body mass index and much more.

Functional Testing

How the body functions is a critical dimension of health. Your blood sugar response to food, activity, and sleep is assessed using continuous glucose monitoring technology in our CGM Program.

The P4Mi Exercise Physiology Lab is built to assess and improve physical performance.  Using P4Mi’s COSMED Quark CPET metabolic cart, P4Mi physicians and exercise physiologists measure VO2 max, resting metabolic rate, pulmonary function (expiratory volume, inspiratory volume, vital capacity, maximum voluntary ventilation) and more. We establish a multi-component baseline for aerobic and muscular fitness/function.

A fully equipped gym with free weights (kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, etc.) allows us to determine whole body balance, agility, flexibility/mobility, endurance, strength and power.

The biological information generated from these tests is used to assess your health and to create a truly personalized program that emphasizes your goals while targeting your deficits. Through the use of our cutting-edge equipment and testing protocols, we will continuously monitor your progress and adjust accordingly to ensure the most efficient path to success.

Dynamic Multi-Omic Testing


Biomarkers from blood testing reveal important information about your constantly changing metabolism, energy levels, strength and endurance, bone health, muscle health, inflammation, liver health and more. Regular monitoring of these dynamic biomarkers keeps you abreast of your health status and enables you to assess the impact of lifestyle and environmental changes on your body.

Genomic Analysis


In contrast to dynamic multi-omic biomarkers, the human genome can be revealed by a one-time sequencing process. The genes comprising your genome powerfully impact your risk for many diseases and your reactions to many commonly prescribed drugs. Genetic factors affect your susceptibility to obesity, your daily sugar intake, your hunger response control, responses to particular types of food, and other traits relevant to weight control. Genetically determined traits such as ligament injury susceptibility, lumbar disease disc susceptibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance, muscle volume, and muscular power are relevant to your personalized exercise prescription. 

The cost of whole genome sequencing by Veritas is included in P4Mi’s Year of Health Progam. Patients and their P4 physician receive a comprehensive report that is continually updated as medical research reveals new insights.

P4Mi recommends that patients in the 3-Month Metabolic Reboot Program pay an additional $999 for Veritas whole genome sequencing. For those who do not wish to incur that expense at this time, and who have not had a genetic report from another vendor, we recommend 23&Me.