An exclusive offer for former Arivale Customers

Your journey in scientific wellness care does not have to end! P4Mi invites you to continue this journey in the richer and more personalized context of physician-guided medical care.

Similarly to Arivale, the P4 Medicine Institute was founded by Leroy Hood, and offers science-based wellness care focused on the prediction and prevention of disease, as well as the optimization of overall patient fitness and well-being. However, the health coaching offered by Arivale was based on only one modality of biological information—multi-omics (genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, etc.) 

P4Mi is a medical practice that goes far beyond multi-omics blood testing to provide a variety of clinical programs which leverage four essential modalities of biological information, including 21st century physical examinations, continuous glucose monitoring and extensive metabolic, exercise and functional testing. Further, as a board-certified specialist in internal medicine, P4Mi’s Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director, Dr. George E. Haddad, is fully qualified to diagnose and treat disease in addition to providing wellness care.

P4Mi is pleased to offer a special program for your transition to physician-guided self discovery. By joining Arivale, you made a major investment in your health. P4Mi’s program for precision medicine builds on this investment and enables you to continue your wellness journey. 

For an exclusive BASELINE Fee of $1000, This Program includes:

  1. Deep insights into how your personal blood sugar levels respond to the specific foods you eat, as well as your unique activity, exercise and sleep patterns which will allow you to optimize your energy levels, lose weight, and improve your mood. These benefits are normally provided by P4Mi’s month-long $600 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) program.

  2. A personalized exercise prescription that will efficiently optimize your fitness and performance without wasting time and energy on exercises that don’t work well for you. Your personalized prescription will be built upon a one-hour neuromuscular and bio-mechanical assessment of your whole body, including:

    • Balance, endurance, strength and power

    • Body composition analysis (including visceral fat, lean muscle percentage, segmental lean analysis, total body fat and much more)

  3. A one-hour consultation with Dr. Haddad on disease concerns and opportunities for health optimization revealed by your aggregate blood testing and genomics data from Arivale, your CGM data, and your neuromuscular and bio-mechanical assessments. Should you desire, this consultation can include the results of a new round of blood tests which Dr. Haddad can order at a cost of $380. P4Mi’s blood testing includes all of the biomarkers Arivale was using in 2019, PLUS additional markers relating to hormones and heavy metals. P4Mi recommends that you have you whole genome sequenced by Veritas Genetics ($999), which includes standard reporting on disease risk, drug sensitivities, and carrier risks. For those who do not wish to incur that expense at this time, and who have not had a genetic report from Arivale, we recommend 23&Me.

** P4Mi’s baseline fee of $1000 does not include the additional costs of new multi-omics testing (est. $400) or CGM monitoring equipment (est. $80 depending on insurer and pharmacy).

Dr. Haddad and Jordan Sahlberg, P4Mi’s certified exercise physiologist, will share their insights with you in a one-hour conference, and provide you with personalized lifestyle recommendations for nutrition, fasting, exercise, sleep, etc. In order to orient you with your personal exercise prescription, you will also receive a 30 minute training session with Jordan during a separately scheduled appointment. 

This offer is limited to former Arivale customers! We spend a lot of time with each of our patients, so the capacity of our clinic is limited. Please explore our website to learn more about P4Mi and what it has to offer you. You are also welcome to schedule a visit to our clinic and/or contact P4Mi with any further questions by calling (206) 485-7340, or emailing