Briana Lincoln

P4Mi Fellow

Briana Lincoln is currently working towards a BA in Public Health and minors in both Global Health and Informatics at the University of Washington. Upon her projected graduation in the spring of 2020, Lincoln plans to pursue graduate studies in translational medicine.

Briana first became passionate about population health when she competed in her first Northwest Association of Biomedical Research biomedical research competition at the age of fifteen. In partnership with international peers from Taita-Taveta, Kenya, she produced a prizewinning project entitled “The Many Faces of Malaria” and has remained captivated by cutting-edge biomedical innovation ever since. Briana then served on the Board of Directors for a STEM education NGO called SeaVuria for three years, gaining valuable experience in project development and international correspondence.

Ms. Lincoln believes wholeheartedly that preventive medicine is the future of population health and is honored to serve as the inaugural fellow at P4Mi. Inspired by her father’s experience with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) as a Type I diabetic, Briana works alongside the clinical staff at P4Mi to design metabolic health programs that utilize CGM for wellness. She is very excited to support the P4 team in its collaboration with the Institute for Systems Biology, and has recently accepted an undergraduate research position at ISB for the summer of 2019.