Core Characteristics of P4 MEDICAL SERVICES:

  1. continuous monitoring and analysis of Multi-dimensional Personal health DATA

    Your body is unique, and so is your environment. Further, both are constantly changing as you live and age. To successfully engage with this unfathomably dynamic complexity, 21st century medicine has the tools to monitor key data dimensions, principally through imaging, functional testing, blood testing, and genomic sequencing.

  2. scientific wellness care

    Most physicians treat disease after it arises. P4 physicians have a different focus. They analyze your personal health data to help you: A) optimize your health and fitness to live better and perform more effectively right now; and B) identify and reverse transitions to disease at the earliest possible stage, before symptoms appear. P4 Medicine is proactively Predictive and Preventive, not reactive. It is Personalized by relying on your personal data, not population averages. And it is Participatory, because active, ongoing collaboration between patients and physicians is essential to devise effective and sustainable solutions to everyday health challenges.

  3. patient-driven lifestyle experimentation

    Patient-driven experimentation is critical for the production of actionable lifestyle possibilities. When patients make decisions based on personal data as opposed to population averages, their ability to take effective action is radically increased.

  4. growing self-knowledge that empowers patients to reach their full potential

    Your everyday lifestyle decisions are a major determinate of how you look, feel, and perform now, and whether you will be one of a growing number of Americans who suffer from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and cancers. Basing those decisions on population averages is of limited utility at best, and in some cases it can lead you badly astray. It is essential to learn as much as you can about your own personal biology and how it responds to your particular lifestyle and environment. That is why P4 physicians don’t just tell you what to do—they work to help you KNOW YOURSELF through data analysis.

P4Mi’s physician-guided CGM program is designed to provide deep insight into how patient blood sugar levels respond to food, activity, and sleep. Participants wear a CGM patch for two weeks while logging food intake and activities. A P4 physician then analyzes each patient’s unique metabolic responses to the foods they eat, their exercise and sleep patterns, and other lifestyle factors, providing an in-depth medical assessment and personalized lifestyle counselling.

Cost: $600 (Price of cgm device not included)

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P4Mi’s 3-Month Cardio-Metabolic Reboot program includes the $600 CGM program, but goes far beyond to focus on weight loss and reducing the risks of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, as well as feeling better and improving performance. The program begins with a one-day Gateway to Metabolic Health during which the P4 clinical team collects data from 4 essential modalities of biological information. After an initial analysis of your growing personalized data cloud, including your CGM data, we provide an exercise and nutrition prescription implemented in weekly exercise sessions with our certified exercise physiologist, and periodic consultations with a P4 physician to review and update your personal actionable possibilities.

Cost: $4,900 (Price of CGM device not included)

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P4Mi’s Year of Health program is designed for individuals who are interested in integrating the latest developments in biomedical science and technology into their long-term healthcare routines in order to: 

  • Optimize physical and cognitive performance

  • Promote healthy aging

  • Detect and ameliorate disease transitions at their earliest stages

P4Mi works with each Year of Health patient to identify their personal health concerns and goals, and tailor a program to meet those unique needs using a highly flexible approach to scheduling and care delivery.

Cost: $15,000

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Summary of Programs

CGM Program
3-Month Cardio-Metabolic Reboot
Year of Health
Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring
● (3 times)
Resting Metabolic Rate
● (multiple)
Body Composition Analysis
● (multiple)
Point-of-Care Ultrasound
● (multiple)
Blood Tests
● (twice)
VO2 Max Test
● (twice)
Biomechanical Assessment
● (multiple)
Neuromuscular Assessment
● (multiple)
Genome Sequencing and Analysis
Exercise Physiology
2 hour exam + initial in-person coaching; online coaching as needed
Multiple exams + weekly sessions as needed
Physician Examination, Data Analytics, and Consultations
1 hour
4 hours
14 hours (more as needed)