Leroy Hood, MD, PhD

P4Mi Founder and Board Chair

Dr. Leroy Hood is Co-Founder, Professor and Chief Strategy Officer at the Institute for Systems Biology and Senior Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health.  He received his MD from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1964 and his PhD in biochemistry from Caltech in 1967.  He was a Senior Investigator at the Immunology Branch of the National Cancer Institute from 1967-1970.  He then went to Caltech as professor of biology and remained there for 22 years, the last 10 as chair of the department.  His laboratory focused on molecular immunology and technology development during that time—and his lab helped develop the automated DNA and protein sequencers and synthesizers.  Hood co-founded Applied Biosystems 1981 to commercial these instruments.

In 1992 with the help of Bill Gates, Hood moved to Seattle and created the first cross-disciplinary department of Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Washington Medical School.  In 2000, Hood resigned from the UW to start the first systems-biology organization--the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) where he remained as president until 2018.  He is now Chief Strategy Officer of ISB.  He applied systems thinking to both biology and disease and conceptualized systems medicine, a healthcare that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory (P4 medicine), and scientific (quantitative) wellness which collectively constitute 21st century medicine.

In 2016 Hood also became Senior Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) which enabled him to bring 21st century medicine to PSJH, a very large non-profit healthcare system (see 5 million patients/year). Dr. Hood has been elected to all three National Academies—Science, Medicine and Engineering.  Hood has published more than 900 peer-reviewed papers and has 36 patents.  He has won a variety of prizes and awards including the Lasker Award in 1987 for deciphering immune diversity, the Kyoto Prize in 2002 for advanced technologies and he received the National Medal of Science from President Obama in 2013.