N=1 Experiments

We recommend that patients conduct personalized “experiments” in order to explore the unique impacts that lifestyle choices have on their bodies.


  • What is an ideal breakfast for healthy blood sugar?

  • Which fruits cause large spikes in blood sugar, and which fruits do I tolerate better?

  • What do various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks do to my blood sugar?

  • What does intermittent fasting do to my blood sugar patterns?

  • What does a bad night of sleep do to my blood sugar?

  • Do natural remedies such as cinnamon extract or apple cider vinegar improve my blood sugar regulation?

  • What are the effects of stressful events and relaxation on my blood sugar?

  • Can I re-design a favorite food so that it does not result in a high spike in blood sugar?

  • Does combining high-carbohydrate foods with protein and/or healthy fat improve my glucose tolerance?