Qiang Tian, MD, PhD

P4Mi Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Tian is a physician scientist who directs the scientific, academic, and global affairs of the P4 Medicine Institute. He is Head of Cancer & Stem Cell Group at the Institute for Systems Biology and an affiliate faculty in the Department of Medicine at University of Washington Medical School. He serves as an overseas advisor for the National Research Center for Translational Medicine (Shanghai).

With a career path traversing clinical medicine, molecular genetics, and systems biology, Dr. Tian is primarily interested in applying the powerful systems approach with the enabling genomics, proteomics, and single cell analysis technologies to address some of the most pressing issues pertaining to human health: cancer and stem cell biology, immunity, and disease biomarker discovery. He directs an interdisciplinary team focusing on translational efforts to dissect clonal origin of cancer heterogeneity and the underlying genomic landscape and molecular mechanism contributing to tumorigenesis and therapeutic responses. Dr. Tian has led the development of gene signature panels for cancer patient stratification, and has elucidated protein interaction networks in key signaling pathways for therapeutic targeting. He also contributed to the definition and molecular characterization of several Th cell subsets. He publishes extensively in high impact journals, and is an inventor of four U.S. patents.

Dr. Tian collegially reaches out to global medical communities to promote Systems Medicine and P4 Healthcare. He and Dr. Hood coined the term “Translational Systems Medicine” and co-founded P4 Healthcare Alliance. Dr. Tian has championed international partnerships with the National Center for Translational Medicine and with Jiahui International Hospital, both in Shanghai. His academic efforts have been continuously supported by federal and foundational grants, including a prestigious award addressing NCI’s provocative questions. Dr. Tian has served as an expert grant reviewer for funding agencies around the world (EU, UK, France, Switzerland, US and China). He co-founded two biotech companies, and is currently President of the Seattle Chinese Biomedical Association.