During each Year of Health experience, patients will generate a dynamic personal data cloud consisting of biological information from the four modalities central to P4 medicine: imaging, functional testing, multi-omics testing, and whole genome sequencing.

The imaging and functional testing performed on your first day of the program will be augmented by another full day of testing, usually after six to nine months. A second round of dynamic multi-omics testing will also be performed.

These data are further augmented by continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels, blood pressure and other metrics during three separate “Discovery Weeks.” 

Guided by deep conversations with P4 physicians and exercise physiologists Year of Health patients engage in personalized “N = 1” lifestyle experiments designed to discover data-driven insights about their unique bodies and trajectories of health. These experiments can help identify lifestyle changes that are small and sustainable but have significant health impacts. 

This year-long stream of data will be used to create highly personal programs for nutrition, exercise, and other aspects of lifestyle management. These programs will be continually reassessed and improved to meet your goals.

We welcome anyone interested in the Year of Health program to schedule a free consultation at the P4Mi clinic.